This project broadly adopting a minimalist approach. Symbolically, it encapsulates the day-to-day international issues, be it political or economical, past or present events. Through the kaleidoscope of those intricate East and West interactions, it is intended to aspire to a virtual melting pot of lessons. From conflicts, which had taken place due to blatant misunderstandings etc., consequently, the materials used and the various images and textual displays suggest different cultures and imply specific metaphorical representations.

As you can see, this 3-D sculpture is put together from handmade brick-like unit components made of the Financial Times and Chinese newspapers. All artificial renderings such as painting and carving etc have been ruled out. The sculpture is presented on the floor to give the ‘theatrical’ feel.

Images of the results, and the installation at the Cambridge School of Art Degree Show in 2010, can be found here.

I wish to make this installation bigger and develop it more to raise more awareness to the viewer and create a bigger impact.