This paper sculpture minds both occidental and oriental feels to reflect my bi-cultural existence. First, selected sheets of Chinese Newspaper, through the relevance of their colour patterns, are meticulously sorted out. Each sheet is then rolled up into a straw, emphasizing on certain definitive colour matching. Finally, these straw-like units are assembled together into an uncomplicated structure with the dedicated intention to parade the colour spectrum, exploiting human visual receptiveness to the full. While this piece of sculpture would notably offer even measures of optical sensation from all angles, it is believed an extra dimension would be added to the pleasure of viewing if and when it is suspended under a leisurely rotating spinner. Better still under spot light illumination!

All three have been shortlisted by a number of prestigious shows and competitions namely The Royal Academy Summer Exhibition 2010, The London International Creative Competition, 2010 and The Threadneedle Prize, London 2010.